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Transport, handling and storage of dry unpacked goods

Vos Bulk Logistics' core activity is to transport dry unpacked goods in both granulate and powder form. We are specialists in the organization of the bulk goods supply chain and are closely involved in every phase of the process, from production to final delivery to the end customer. We furnish every customer with an appropriate and efficient logistics solution that meets all their specific requirements. The solutions include differentiated multimodal concepts (rail and road combinations), dedicated transport, site-to-site transport and silo storage.

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Especially for low-density products, we have several trailers with a volume of no less than 91m3. By carrying larger loads, they also reduce CO2 emissions and congestion on the roads.

Besides our normal bulk trailers we can offer our customers vacuum trailers. These trailers are 63m3 and with these trailers we are able to vacuum unpacked goods in both granular and powdered form efficiently. We are also able to store these products in various forms and pack or repack these products. The vacuum trailers can be used for emptying silos, but also after accidents or. calamities with regular bulk trailers.

Our Bulk terminals in Oss (the Netherlands) and Lyon (France) offer a wide range of possibilities for handling and storage of dry bulk goods. For example, packing, bagging, re-packing, de-bagging and palletizing. We are able to storage your product in silos of various sizes but also offer indoor and roofed storage of packaged goods. An extensive overview of our activities can be found in our brochure.

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Services Markets/products Characteristics
  • dry cargo (FTL)
  • distribution
  • EFTCO tankcleaning (internal and external cleaning)
  • bulk on rail/ROLA
  • bulk on rail/silo container
  • vacuum trucks
  • handling and storage


  • petrochemical industry
  • food industry
  • ADR
  • waste
  • minerals
  • animal feed
  • strong focus on quality, safety and the environment in relation to the products
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, GMP+ and ADR certified
  • Responsible Care®
  • SQAS
  • Kosher
  • satellite communications
  • Track & Trace